by Dora Fung 6U

With all their evil might they bang—

All over the floor her books spread.

They push, they shove; they sneer, they jeer,

Helpless and alone, she shakes in fear.


Nothing’s wrong with being small and plain,

But they must give her so much pain.

“Stuttering Queer” they harshly name,

Have these “Prattling Peers” no heartfelt shame?


I gnash my teeth and clench a fist,

I brace myself, ready to resist,

Wait -- what chance have I against a bully,

Who’ll thrash me, smash me, trash me fully?


Stone stiff I stand, at a safe distance,

Lost my persistence, my resistance,

They pounce on her and denounce her,

I wear this badge, I must save her…


But still, I cower like an ostrich,

Let the Nazis take the Jew to Auschwitz.

And as I watch it at a distance,

Does it mean I… let it happen?


Had the bell not rung, they’d never have sprung,

And I’d never have to the poor girl run --

Picking up her books, I put them by her side,

But the sorrow in her eyes, she can never hide…


The scorching sun shines, the badge glitters on my tie,

Reminding me: to the rules of the sly – I have chosen to comply.

If only I had dared, then life could be fair.

How can I repair this traumatic nightmare?


Alas! I realize – it isn’t them peers,

But guilt and grief amid my tears,

Engraved on my badge not “Monitor” but “Shame” –

I am the only one to blame.