by Nicole Leung 6U


It all began with matrimony’s burning passion

Then there came bodily chemical reactions

And time spent on spiritual devotions

Here started a journey beyond any comprehension---


Feet swelling like a mound
Head spinning like a merry-go-round
Nausea running her aground
Feeling far from safe and sound.


Conditions intolerable

Like a nightmare unbearable.

But as the new life gave that vigorous kick

there she thought, “this could hardly be a mistake”.


Time floated like feathers as her anxious heart pondered ---

“A girl or a boy?”

Gentle as a breeze he quickly reassured ---

“Either way it’s a blessing of joy that nothing can destroy!”



When suddenly

Pain                           overrode her body, wielding a biting whip

                      She screamed and ripped as her cold sweat dripped.

Inhale...          exhale...        inhale...                       exhale...

                                               She had never seemed as frail.

But undaunted, she gave a final push

Now                        they were about to see their little baby’s foot.


A loud cry pierced the air --

Doctors heard a growling bear.

But the couple thought of it as a heavenly song

that said, “Mama, Papa, I’ve waited for so long!”





Pain, joy and constancy -

Such were the rules of pregnancy.

A godly reminder of each life’s worth

And a trial for a priceless gift of mirth.




But now we have entered a new century

A century of science and technology.

Thus, lives created at our convenience

And the rules of pregnancy? Little relevance --


“Designer babies are what’s common now

Choose your baby’s gender, don’t ask how!

Hair and eyeball colors available too

Simply let everything be decided by you!

Test tubes are great, no tribunals!

If it fails, no need for funerals!

Your child will be the next Mcqueen

Come and shop for a new artistic gene!

What nonsense you believe, “Children need a father?”

We have perfect sperm donors! Why bother?

Children are no more a mystery...

Glory and praise to our technology!”


Tell me, what will the future hold

When the law of nature isn’t ours to uphold?

Tell me, what storms will unfold,

When human desires are bought and sold?