by Serena Chow 4L


The bitter moon lingers in the smoky sky,

Waiting, as I twitch and lay prone, for me to die.

My chest, dull and tight

And things fade out of sight.


Then, slowly, my heart yearns to stop

With my nerves tied in one great knot.

Painfully I open the eyes I had closed.

In one hand, a wilting rose.


And there, in front of me,

Death in black I see.


He wears frayed jeans,

Looking to be in his teens.

My eyes fall to his silky hair

Like molten gold glistening in summer air.


A sweet smile dawns on Death’s face

As warm as a lover’s embrace.

Just like that I fall for him,

My heart is his, at his very whim.


His eyes, burning brilliantly bright

Like Hades’ fiery pits, behold this sight!

Instead of sunken eyes and cheeks hollow,

Death is the most glorious creature. I follow.



The fading rose, with a bit of lace,

With a stark white lily he does replace.

Tenderness illuminates his very face

He shines and speaks, my heart on a race.


“I’ve come to collect thy soul

Thy heart may fail, it’s time to go.

My dear, do not be sad, I pray,

For another choice ahead doth lay.


Wilt thou be my companion forever and ever,

Our souls intertwined, never to dissever?

On my chariot and trusty steed

We will ride. You are all I need.”


Here I am, sad and torn

Between family and Death, oh how I mourn!

But then, it happens. I start falling

Into Death’s eyes – dark, enthralling.


Says he, “Do join my eternal flight,”

I will be your day and night.”

Uncertainty melts away like ice.

I nod. Once… and then…Twice.