by Amber Acosta 2A


I fall back and surrender to death,

I’m prepared to face my end.

But I see a light, and I feel my breath,

Something hits my head, and slowly, colors blend…


Memories flash before my eyes,

Flashbacks remind me of days forgotten.

Smiles of truths and shrouds of lies,

Days hard as stone, soft as cotton.


I reach out for a memory that’s floating,

And a wave of nostalgia washes over me.

I can remember every single detail,

How can I forget and let it be?


The sensation sends a magical shiver,

Makes me wonder and reach for more.

I plunge into the orb and suddenly remember.

Suddenly remember what happened before.


My last happy memory before this null place

Me with my friends, in a playful hug.

I look down and blush, losing face.

As I’m in the center, feeling snug.



Hope yes, I’m feeling that now,

A blessed surge, a new dapper dawn.

The salt-kissed wind of the salty sea,

The enticing scent of a pepperment lawn.


Suddenly, just as I recover,

The rainbow starts to fizzle, fade.

I cry, reaching, longing for light

But instead, there’s a burst of pain, a blade.


Blackness enters to take over again,

I guess this is what I deserve.  I sigh.

But at least I saw what I wanted to see,

Before I die and to Heaven, I fly.