Keep the Faith

by Tiffany Cheung

We are more than who we think we are.

It’s not wise to delude ourselves into the thought that

We can’t make it happen

You need to know that

We can change the world together

I would be lying to you if I said

The future is not in our hands

We can all be in God’s glow

It is foolish to presume that

Dreams are just hopes, which never come true

Most of us are meant to be ordinary

Well, I don’t think so

We should have faith in ourselves

The power’s in believing

Our lifetime is short and not within our control

But that hardly changes anything, don’t forget

We have a heart and a soul

They tell us

No need to care, no need to know

We come and we go

The truth is

We live for a purpose

It is not evident that

The world is hopeless