My Family

by Adelaide Au, Tiffany Law, Bonnie Poon, Janis Tung, Sylvine Cheng

My family is very disagreeable.

I will never think that

they care about me and

They love me

My mother is horrible to me.

It is impossible that

she understands my feelings.

I know that

she is biased and only worries about my brother.

It is a lie to say that

I have a good and caring mother.

My father is very strict with me

It is not true that

he is a responsible father


he only cares about his work

I will never believe that

Family is the most important thing to my father.

“My younger brother and I are like best friends”

this is nonsense, and I am brave enough to tell others

“I am never proud of him”

He is extremely irritating

It is wrong to say that

My younger brother and I respect and love each other.

“I hate them!”

I will never say

“I love my family.”