by Tina Villareal 6U

Every bite, every spoonful requires a certain finesse.

Hidden talent you may say, having to calculate

the exact number of calories you’re putting

into your already-too-wide face.


An apple? 110 calories; hmmm

This means another layer of fat

over your collarbones.

You’ll eat half of it.


You look down at your stomach

and see protruding bones – alas!

The existence of your hips is confirmed.

Hipbones.  Hipbones.


You roll the word over

and over in your head,

liking the sound and sight of them;

But wait – what is that?


Your stomach is pouching out –

Probably from that piece of

85% dark chocolate

you had as a snack earlier on.



The bump seems to grow bigger as you watch it,

something like an accelerated pregnancy,

only it’s a food baby.  Not the real thing.

Of course.


Eventually you get over the bump

and move on to assessment of your legs.

Ah, the famed ‘gap between thighs’

captured by many a photographer.


Continue to invite your eyes,

glossing over the fact that

you see the gap closing and your legs.


Fatter and fatter.

With every





This is the curse of being a girl.

A teenage girl.

A teenage girl

doubling as a supermodel.